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Nowadays, learning math online has become a trend. The pandemic has led to the global rise of online teaching. But, learning from the best in the world is necessary. Later in the article, we shall discuss the best math classes. Now, learning math online has various benefits such as, you can learn math at your own pace and can clear your doubts in every instance. Classroom learning will not provide you with such facilities. Hence, if you want to master math, learning math online is a must.

Top Five Best Online Math Platforms

This section deals with the best six online math platforms. The following points mentioned below analyze those six platforms in detail.

  1. Cuemath: Cuemath is an online learning math platform that is widely supported by 2 lakhs students and activated in more than 20 countries. Here, teachers are highly qualified and experienced and will guide you at every step. One-to-one live sessions doubt clearing classes are some of the features of Cuemath. Along with this, the management of Cuemath also provides you with math puzzles, games, and worksheets that will encourage you to study math. Hence, if you want to learn mathematics in a detailed, fun, and interactive manner, visit the website of Cuemath. Visit the website now and book a free session.
  2. IXL: This is also one of the online teaching math platforms. It guarantees to provide the best result at low subscription rates. But, it also allows students to get access to free math problems. Students can visit IXL and practice ten-question every single day to grow more skills. This way, they will be better in mathematics every day. However, the subscription includes unlimited practice questions, certificates, personalized sections, and skill recommendations. The practice questions are made by the teachers who are highly qualified and experienced. Hence, visiting the website of IXL is a must.
  3. Khan Academy: You must have heard about Khan Academy. It is one of the most popular math teaching sites in the whole world. It is a completely free personalized learning platform that provides you with free resources. Some of these resources are online courses, exercises, videos, and so on. It has a very cool feature, it contains a dashboard where you can keep your daily track of progress. For easy navigation, videos and courses are designed in grade levels. Khan Academy offers the students the opportunity to learn at their own pace so that they have no doubts left. Therefore, visit Khan Academy and develop your mathematical skills.
  4. Vedantu: I am sure that you must have heard about Vedantu. Vedantu offers students the best courses at very cheap rates. It is also available on YouTube for free. For example, you can visit YouTube and search for your topic and mention Vedantu, the algorithm of YouTube will reach you out to all the available videos. About the subscription, it has an app that can be installed from chrome. Doubt solving is one of the key features of Vedantu.
  5. Unacademy: This is one of the most used platforms in India. It deals with the teaching of mathematics from junior to senior levels. Along with that, it also provides teaching of other subjects such as history, sociology, science, and so on. You can either access it from YouTube for free or download the app of Unacademy for a subscription.

What is Differentiation?

Mathematics has been divided into various branches. One of these branches includes differentiation. Integration and differentiation are considered one of the toughest topics in mathematics. Differentiation is the process of finding a derivative of a function. Derivative of a function is the rate of change in a function concerning a different function. For instance, velocity is an example of a derivative.

If you want to learn about more concepts related to derivatives, you may visit Cuemath.

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