7 Health Benefits of Treadmill Exercise 


Regular exercise has countless health benefits, including increased heart strength, decreased insulin resistance and weight loss. Running or walking on Treadmills is an excellent source of workout that allows you to stay fit without needing to go outdoors. 

So, starting your fitness regime, a treadmill workout can be an excellent option. Go through the section below to better understand what running on a treadmill can do for your physical and mental health.

Improves heart health

Treadmill exercises strengthen heart muscles, lower blood pressure and allow the heart to pump more blood. 

Working out on Treadmills can also help diagnose artery blockages and heart diseases. Under normal circumstances, symptoms of heart conditions are not exhibited. But they become prominent during intense sessions of workout.

Treadmill exercise can also prevent artery blockage by reducing low-density lipoprotein and increasing high-density lipoprotein in the blood.

Helps in weight loss

Jogging or running on a treadmill helps burn fat faster. Also, outdoor running is much easier on the joints and knees. It is also more effective than aerobic exercises. So, you must be consistent and remain focused on running longer and faster on the machine to get the best results.

Strengthen muscles

While treadmill exercise boosts cardiovascular health, it can also be a great way to strengthen the glute, thigh and calf muscles. 

You can also optimise the workout sessions to suit your goals. So, you can tone and build muscle mass in your thighs, legs and buttocks. 

You may also get light strength workouts for your arms, shoulder and back by swinging the arms during running. Further, to increase workout intensity, you can use weights while training.

Improves mental health

People suffering from depression can benefit from walking at least 30 minutes daily on a treadmill. Treadmill exercise has a significant impact on mental health and mood in general.

Physical activity like running on Treadmills releases happiness chemicals called endorphins that boost mood and help with anxiety, stress, and depression. 

Exercise also increases brain sensitivity for serotonin and norepinephrine hormones, relieving stress symptoms and depression.

Enhances memory and brain health

With age, the number of information transmitting neurons and brain cells decreases, affecting memory recall and thoughts processing abilities. However, when you invest time in treadmill exercise, your cardiovascular fitness improves, resulting in fewer parietal, frontal and temporal brain parts reductions.

Cardiovascular activities stimulate hormone production that encourages the growth of brain cells. Also, exercise helps in hippocampus growth, the part of the brain responsible for activities related to learning and memory. 

Builds bone density

Treadmill workouts help build bone density. It means the mineral content that gives the bones their strength and durability. So, when you train hard, more minerals get into your bones, making them strong and healthy. High bone density can be very important in preventing conditions like osteoporosis which makes bones weak and susceptible to fracture.   

Regulates blood sugar

A sedentary lifestyle is cited to be one of the primary causes of Type 2 diabetes. With regular treadmill exercise, you can reduce the risk of being affected. Your liver releases glycogen when you work out for about 20 minutes on the machine. The muscles use the released glycogen to produce energy, reducing blood glucose levels.

Also, regular treadmill exercise can improve insulin sensitivity allowing the body to utilise insulin properly. 

Treadmill exercises can impact your health in almost every aspect. When you combine strength training exercises with walking or running on a treadmill, you achieve all your fitness goals effectively. So, for a start, a 20-minute exercise each day would be sufficient, which should eventually lead up to 150 minutes of moderate-intense workout each week. 

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