Tips & tricks to get more out of your Mac

Are you aware of everything your Mac can do? If not, this handy guide is for you. The tips and tricks mentioned here will help you squeeze out the maximum juice of your Mac system. 

Personalize the Control Center 

The addition of the Control Center to the menu bar is one of the biggest interface changes made to Big Sur. Control Center is where you will find all the settings for Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Display Brightness, Wi-Fi, etc. 

It is easy to use the Control Center and change the settings. You need to click the icon and choose the setting you wish to change. But if you are missing quick access to any setting, you can drag the icon and place it on the Menu Bar. 

For instance, if you need to switch on the Bluetooth setting frequently, you can move the icon to the Menu Bar, so you don’t have to go to the Control Center to change the settings. You can click on the icon in the Menu Bar and make your changes in fewer clicks. The same applies to other settings in the Control Center. 

Take a picture on your Mac and share it 

Most people on video calls think they wish they could take a picture and share it. Since working from home makes people look at themselves more than they would normally have, it is natural to want to take a picture when you are on a video call. While taking a photo seems like a no-brainer when using your iPhone or any other mobile device, you might wonder how to take a picture on a MacBook

You can easily take a photo using the webcam on your Mac and share it. 

Signing documents with Mac can make your life easier 

Don’t put yourself through the trouble of downloading a form, printing it and signing it, scanning it, and emailing it back to the sender. Don’t you know Mac has Preview? Preview is one of the most fantastic macOS features that allows you to sign documents on your device. 

Open the document or form you need to sign in the Preview application and click on the pencil icon. Then, click the signature logo. You can use your iPhone or Mac to create and save your signature. The saved signature can be added to the document. 

Easily multitask between an iPad, Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch

Continuity is a handy feature you might already use because that’s one of the perks of being part of the Apple ecosystem. Apple allows users to sync their devices to pick up a task on their Mac where they have left off on their iPhone. It can even be as simple as attending a phone call or replying to text messages because your iPhone is on charge. 

Handoff is the most used aspect of Continuity. If you have seen an application icon appear and then disappear on your Mac’s Dock, that is Handoff. If you click that icon, you can open whatever application you are using on your Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad on your macOS system. 

For instance, if you are writing an email on your iPad or iPhone but wish to finish it on your Mac, you need to click the Mail application icon, and the compose window will appear, which will have your draft ready for you to finish. 

Continuity also includes the Universal Clipboard feature, where you can copy files or text and paste it across your Apple devices. The devices must be near each other for this feature to work. 

Transform your iPad into an additional display for your Mac

Thanks to Apple Sidecar, you can use your iPad as an extra display for your Mac system. It takes seconds to turn on this feature, and it is a wireless connection. Your Mac must have macOS Catalina or later to use this feature, and your iPad must have iPadOS 13 or later. 

Place your iPad near your Mac and turn on the Sidecar feature by going to the Control Center > clicking Display and selecting your iPad on your Mac. You can also go to System Preferences and open the Sidecar settings. 

Your iPad will start to act as an additional desktop or mirror your Mac’s display. It will provide you with a different screen and more space to put apps and windows. You can even continue using your iPad and other applications and go back to the Sidecar view without letting go of the connection. 

But if you wish to use it for a long time, it would be best to connect your Mac and iPad using a cable. 

Summing up

These hacks will help you enhance your Mac experience and get more out of your system. Try these out, and do not stop exploring other hidden features in your device.

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