How To Sell Courses Using Facebook

The growth of social media has been surreal. Today, social media is emerging as a powerful marketing tool. Companies use social media for marketing and advertising products and services, building brand awareness and gaining customers. Facebook is one such platform. 

Facebook has a large number of users from all age groups. In such cases, it becomes easier to target your audience. If you are an online course teacher, Facebook can be of great help in your course selling process. 

This article will help you know how to sell courses using Facebook.

1. Create a Business Page

Before diving into the core of Facebook, first, create a business profile for your business. Creating a Facebook profile will help you establish a strong online presence. 

You can either build a Facebook page solely for your business purpose or you can also use your personal profile. Your Facebook page should be representing your business and its purpose. To minimise misunderstanding, offer your page a username that is the same as or similar to the name of your Facebook page. You might include a photo of yourself, your company’s logo or anything else relevant to your online business. 

Do not forget to add all the relevant information such as an address, contact number, email address, etc. Also, add a short description that defines your company’s/ courses’ goal. People should clearly understand your offerings through it.

2. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a powerful feature of Facebook. But, before you can use it, you will want to build a client persona that includes facts like demographics, language spoken by them, and the major issues your target audience is facing. 

Once you find these things out, you segregate the audience based on interests, demographic data, and behaviours. You’ll want to start creating a few different types of adverts once you’ve figured out your customer persona. To begin with, you can produce image and video ads and run a trial on how your audience reacts. You should also split test your image ads with Facebook’s new split test functionality by creating 3-5 distinct variations. Experiment with sending visitors who click on your advertising straight to a sales page vs. sending them to the first step of a sales funnel, where you may collect their email addresses and nurture them before attempting to close the transaction. Testing and tracking are the keys to successful Facebook marketing. Begin your Facebook advertising campaign with a seven-day trial. Set down a budget for it to gather enough impressions and clicks to determine which of your advertising is doing the best. Examine all of the data and look for your click-through rate, conversion rate and your return on investment. 

3. Interact With Potential Customer 

Facebook is one of the best platforms to sell courses online but just being present on Facebook won’t help you sell your course. You will have to interact with your potential customers. The algorithm on Facebook rewards creators who generate engagement. Before you post anything, think about whether or not it will spark meaningful conversation.

4. Be Consistent

Post valuable content for your followers and maintain the quality simultaneously. Your focus should be on creating valuable content which adds value to your audience. It will help you convert them to your followers and also customers. 


Now that you know about the ways to use Facebook for selling your course online, you should get started with it already. 

Anshu Dev

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