Your 2022 Guide to Custom Jewelry

The aspiration for adornment of one’s body appeared among human beings long ago. It was the desire to differ, to be unique, to be more beautiful than the others. Animal teeth, bones and stones on a string from the prehistoric era evolved into highly creative works of art nowadays. But the reason for creating more and more complicated jewelry remained the same. Every person wishes to be unique, the most beautiful, the only one of a kind. High end custom jewelry provides all means to materialize any your idea into a custom pendant, ring or chain only you will possess. The jewelry that is the most beautiful for you and that no one else in the whole world owns, isn’t it a dream came true?

But there’s just one other thing you should remember in a modern world to be the most beautiful. Fashion. Thankfully, we live in a time when it became very democratic and free. Choosing jewelry in 2022 you should keep in mind that everything’s simple:

  1. “Dopamine dressing”. After 2 years of staying at home feeling uncertain all we want now is positive emotions. ‘Dopamine dressing’ is the most important and strongly marked trend for 2022, the main rule of which is that everything that brings you joy and happiness is in style. Favorite colors, pleasant textures, things with good memories, anything that makes you comfortable makes you fashionable. So, either you were dreaming of extravagant massive jewelry or delicate and elegant accessories, now is the time to fulfill your dreams. High end custom jewelry is the right choice to create a piece of jewelry made specifically for you, to describe you in a unique but comfortable way.
  2. Playful jewelry became popular in recent years. Smileys and gummy bears filled the fashion or so-called “semi-fine” jewelry segment in the past 2 years, but in 2022 it became popular in fine jewelry as well, opening another frontier for your creativity in custom jewelry.
  3. Chains are everywhere in 2022. Necklaces, bracelets, body chains, earrings…  The bigger the better. They are also followed by the trend of returning 70s’ and 80s’ fashion in jewelry. Massive rings and earrings, bracelets and pendants replace delicate and simple ones. And the high end custom jewelry is ready to please your fashion demands here as in black hoodie wearing black sunglasses
  4. Mixing metals. As in the case with the “dopamine dressing” which finally makes fashion going the comfortable way, the same is happening with jewelry metals. In 2022 it’s a good idea to mix 2 or more metals together (remember the famous Cartier Trinity?). You can mix not only the color of metals but also the size of the jewelry pieces. You are free to experiment and combine your favorite fine jewelry anyway you like.
  5. More and more people these days try to become consumption conscious. That’s why fine jewelry you no longer wear can be recycled or remade as an option into a new high end custom jewelry piece you would wear with pleasure. Vintage jewelry is also a great option for those who don’t want to buy new accessories or have beautiful fine grandma’s jewelry cowered in dust somewhere in the jewelry box. 
  6. Probably the most personal category of jewelry is the one with emotional attachment. Names of beloved ones, phrases and moments you share with someone dear, memories, your hopes and dreams or just something you love can all be recreated in jewelry. Zodiac signs, birthstones and other amulets to protect or bring happiness and luck – you can add it to your custom jewelry and make it even more unique.

Almost every good movie or book you can think of can be associated with a piece of fine jewelry. High end jewelry makes every story more beautiful, interesting, significant, deep and memorable. Probably the most frequent and bright accessories we can remember from movies are pendants. Can you imagine “Titanic” without its Heart of the Ocean or “Harry Potter” without Time turner? Where would “Lord of the Rings” be without it’s Ring or the beautiful Arwen’s pendant? Remember Disney “Anastasia” and her emerald pendant? You certainly do recall that Elizabeth’s pendant started the story of “The Pirates of the Caribbean”. Geralt from “The Witcher” would probably be dead before his first gargoyle without his medallion. And even if the pendant doesn’t play the leading role in the story it still adds the main character unique charm. That’s why we still remember “Carrie” on the neck of the heroine of “Sex and the City” and Belle’s delicate tree pendant in “Beauty and the Beast”. Unique custom pendants can tell your story and make you the main protagonist, creating the impression of you that people around would never forget.

Pendants are probably the best piece of jewelry to tell something about its owner. It can be visible from the first glance at a person and you can choose the message you want to provide with its help. You can declare something with the help of a pendant, make a hint only chosen ones would understand, keep a precious memory about something or someone, protect yourself or even provide good luck and wealth. Choosing to create custom pendants, you need to decide which type of it you desire. 

It may be an amulet or a talisman. The difference between them is that an amulet is made to protect its wearer while a talisman is believed to provide some supernatural powers or gives some benefits to the person it belongs to. Other types of pendants you probably know about from a great amount of books and movies are lockets. There are so many stories about princes and princesses keeping a portrait or a lock of hair of their beloved ones in their locket pendant. As many as there are stories of a wicked witch or an evil antagonist keeping poison in their locket. Anyways, it’s a nice option to make a high end custom jewelry with a little secret. Medallion pendants will become popular in 2022. Most often they are a coin shaped piece of metal very comfortable for different identification signs, such as religious or zodiac signs. They also look awesome together with this year’s trend of chains. And the last, but probably the most interesting type of pendant is functional pendant. Whistles, ocarinas, astronomical and navigational instruments, watches and even USB flash drives can be made into some high end custom pendants. silver and gold beaded necklace on white book

Custom pendants are probably the best option to try yourself at creating a high end custom jewelry. The most important thing is the right choice of the place to bring your ideas to life. Here are the signs you found the right place:

  1. You discuss your idea with the store professional describing your preferences and budget and agree on a design sketch and materials. Remember, if the store representative is trying to convince you that your design is impossible to make and insists that they have an “even better design”, than it is most probably not custom made jewelry but custom personalized mass produced jewelry. They won’t make a unique product. They have already made some quantity of it and you will be able to choose some options to make it differ from others alike.silver and black round pendant necklace
  2. After the design and budget have been decided the custom jewelry store will provide you a digital 3D design of your future jewelry. If everything’s the way you wanted, then the store produces a 3D design model made of resin or wax after an agreed down payment (usually around 20%). 
  3. When everything’s approved the jewelers may start working with metal and stones. During the production the intermediate result is often additionally discussed in order to secure the desired outcome.
  4. Payment and shipping is the last step in getting your custom pendant. The terms of payment and shipping are often discussed in the beginning. Usually the store has a list of convenient options you may choose from.

So the most important thing in 2022 jewelry fashion is to show your unique individuality while feeling comfortable and staying positive in a way only you are able to create through high end custom jewelry. Tell your own unique story to the world with the help of precious metals and shining stones.

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