How long does temporary Erectile Dysfunction last?

Erectile Dysfunction also known as erectile disorder is physical disorder that causes men to be incapable of holding or getting their erection long enough when they have sexual relations. It could be experienced by anyone. In reality, the pace of the modern age is so hectic that people do not have time to look after his own personal needs.

The weight of social problems can lead to an increase in depression and stress which causes these kinds of issues. The inability to recognize the onset of ED can be an issue as having the condition for a short time. Men aren’t always open about this subject because they fear it could raise their egos.

The addiction to smoking and alcohol can also cause depression, which can further aggravate your condition. You should not ignore the physical condition in addition to the mental illness that causes the temporary erectile dysfunction.

Clogged Blood Vessels (atherosclerosis) is a common issue that a temporary ED patient faces in which blood flow to the penis gets obstructed due to the accumulation of plaque. There may be another problem that has caused this issue that should be able to identify.

However, using a drug such as Cenforce 100mg from and with proper medical guidance could be beneficial in this kind of situation. While using medicines alone will not aid you in any way making the necessary changes to a healthy lifestyle with a good self-monitoring system is essential for anyone suffering from a temporary ED.

What Temporary Erectile Dysfunction Is?

If we wish to know how long the temporary ED lasts, we first must know the causes and treatments.

Erectile Dysfunction may last for an entire lifetime, but in certain cases it may be temporary, and it can be treated with assistance of the right treatment and treatment. This can happen due to different reason other than the physical causes.


  • It could be due to psychological factors or psychological traumas that individuals suffer from.
  • The addiction to porn is one of the main reasons for people suffering from temporarily erectile dysfunction when they’re together with their partners. The constant viewing of porn and the masturbation may eventually hinder your ability to perform in bed.
  • It could also be due to your unhealthy lifestyle as well as bad behaviour. Drinking and smoking together with a poor diet could cause temporary ED problem.
  • Sometimes, it’s the adverse side effects caused by the drug is being taken. This includes any heart, blood pressure or diabetes medication.
  • It could also develop when you are in a conflicting relationship with your partner. The cause may be a lack of respect to your partner or if you aren’t respectful of other people.

Treatment of ED that is temporary

The remedy to temporary ED is achievable through the use of a medication or some lifestyle modifications. Drugs such as Fildena 100mg and Vidalista 20mg from under medical supervision may assist sufferers to get rid of temporary ED.

Stopping smoking is essential in the beginning of treating erectile dysfunction because smoking causes damage to blood vessels. They are usually minor things that people don’t even notice but they have a significant impact throughout our day-to-day lives.

It is the least known aspect that has a significant impact on the sexuality of any person i.e. how they dress.

A healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced and healthy diet will help in fighting off many diseases that are fatal, however many people are unaware of the importance of a balanced diet. You must therefore take advantage of a healthy way of life to beat the temporary effects of erectile dysfunction.

The process of undergoing sex therapy or relationship therapy with a professional is an important step in solving your issue. You may also get counsel sessions with an expert.

In the majority situations of temporary ED that mental anxiety, stress or trauma is the primary cause for it. Stress and anxiety cause hormonal imbalances within the body which affects penis blood flow. The temporary erectile dysfunction issue can be addressed by addressing the root of your stress.


The patient must first address their mental condition rather than the physical reason for the condition because in most instances of temporary ED it’s because of mental health issues. 

The time frame for temporary erectile dysfunction to last for the rest of your life depends on the way you treat yourself during this time. It’s dependent on each individual.

Finding the root of the issue and then dealing with them effectively. If it’s due to smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, or another issues, get them out of the way now, and you’ll start seeing results as early as the day after tomorrow. 

In the end, for the treatment of erectile dysfunction there is no such time frame for it. After you make the necessary changes to resolve your problem, it won’t last until the moment you make your adjustments.

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