How does electronics recycling works?

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E-waste, or electrical waste is a type of waste created by the rapid growth of information and communications technologies. E-waste can encompass anything with an electric cord or battery, including cell phones, television sets, microwaves, computers and electronic toys. This article will help you understand how does electronics recycling works?, what happens to your e-waste items? And teach you some do’s and don’ts when it comes to recycling these items.

What is Electronics Recycling?

Electronics recycling is ending the life cycle of electronic equipment by recovering materials, such as copper, gold, palladium and silver from products that contain such materials. Electronics recyclers can then sell these recovered materials to other companies for further use in new products.

What Happens to Your Electronics?

When you bring your used electronics to a recycler, it may be broken or in working order depending on the item. In some cases, the electronics may be scrapped and removed from your item. For example, laptop computers will often contain circuit boards that cannot be reused due to damage. In many countries around the world, damaged or unusable electronics are either destroyed by fire or crushed because of weight.

Electronics Recycling Orange County

The Electronics Recycling Orange County (EROC) is a non-profit organization that helps residents and businesses of the Orange County, California region to properly dispose of and recycle their e-waste. The organization offers collection services and recycling programs for electronics waste in order to help create a better and greener environment for the community.

What’s in your Electronics?

The materials found inside electronics vary depending on the type of device. For example, computer monitors contain CRT glass, while cell phones include components like LCD screens. Most devices will also have batteries. In other cases, metals such as lead, zinc and aluminum can be found inside devices such as televisions.

What is the difference between an e-waste recycler and an e-waste collector?

An e-waste recycler is a company that is responsible for processing and recycling old electronics. An e-waste collector will collect electronics that can be recycled from homes or businesses. Most electronics contain some amount of personal information about its users. Be sure to erase all data on your electronic devices before recycling them, especially if the device contains sensitive information like social security numbers or credit card information.

What if I can’t find a place that collects or recycles electronics near me?

The Electronics Recycling Orange County (EROC) offers free recycling services for residents of the Orange County region. Simply visit the website to find out more about the materials they can accept. If you live outside of Orange County, then contact your city government where you may find collection services nearby.

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