Jankowski claimed the nachos have been already headed for the rubbish before he showered them with appreciation, but he did ultimately shut his Twitter account after a web-based backlash. A key Anonymous Twitter account tweeted a link to a YouTube video itemizing the home handle of Taco Bell worker Cameron Jankowski. A Taco Bell worker has been fired after urinating on a plate of nachos and posting the stunning image on-line. The group Anonymous linked Jankowski’s image to a YouTube video which uncovered Janowski’s personal details.

He directed the tweet to Hunter Moore, the man behind shuttered revenge porn web site Is Anyone Up? Moore called Jankowski “an evil fuck” and the “winner of the piss Olympics” earlier than asking his followers what else Jankowski should urinate in at work. Bengali meaning of pissing, What pissing means in Bengali, pissing which means in Bengali, bengali mein pissing ka matlab, pronunciation, instance sentences of pissing in Bengali language.

He was identified to be working at a Taco Bell restaurant in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Cameron Jankowski allegedly posted a photograph of himself taking a leak on a Taco Bell order. Now hacktivist collective Anonymous is returning the favor, leaking the employee’s private info. ‘As quickly as we learned of the situation brady malone, we immediately investigated and located the photo was an ill-conceived prank and the meals was by no means served to customers. Use certainly one of your social networks or begin fresh with an e mail handle.

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This show profiles completely different individuals whose lives have been severely impacted by Internet technology and social media. The video contains screenshots of tweets posted and retweeted by Jankowski. An worker at a Fort Wayne, Indiana Taco Bell found himself on the wrong side of Anonymous after he tweeted a photograph of himself allegedly urinating on an order of Nachos BellGrande.

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