Anyone who’s a hardworking gardener can cultivate the onions by themselves. The most vital vegetable in Final Fantasy XIV is Thavnairian onions. When it comes to fulfilling tasks, performing FATEs, or slaying hunt monsters, your chocobo is your best buddy.

Since thavnairian onions are unable to supply seeds, they’ve as an alternative been propagated by replanting leaf-buds that are attached to the mother or father plants. This approach involves crossing two totally different strains of Thavnairian onion and then replanting the ensuing leaf-buds. By repeating crossings and seedings, it’s potential to develop new strains whereas maintaining the delicate flavor of the original father or mother plant.

When your choco-buddy reaches level 10, they may now not obtain expertise points. If you give an onion to your chocobo when he’s stabled or out in the open. Stable your chocobo and prepare it using the thavnarian onion. You’ll get a message saying they can’t acquire EXP, verify anyhow and you’ll unlock reaching the subsequent rank. So you plant your almonds and mandrakes and then every day must have a tendency them. Each ripe plant has an opportunity to provide a seed nevertheless there are often two potential options for every cross.

I’ve tried this whereas fowl was out, from inventory – and I’ve tried it in FC Stable . Nothing seems to be working – I did handle to do that twice earlier than, but don’t bear in mind how I did it. Considering the worth of this stuff I didn’t want to guess and be wrong. Obtaining Thavnairian Onions just isn’t a straightforward course of, since it takes a major amount of labour.

The Chocobo is at its highest degree at 20, and you will want an amount of 10 to finish the Chocobo’s development. It is essential to acquire the Thavnairian onion to play the sport. Certain corporations plant onions for his or her purchasers at no cost.

We’ll undergo where to seek out Thavnairian Onions in Final Fantasy XIV and the means to use them on this article. That will allow it to realize expertise again towards the subsequent degree. To make issues easy, here is one option for getting Thavnairian Onion Seeds, utilizing Curiel Root and Royal Kukuru. Each of those seeds only wants one crossbreed, making them the only method for getting Thavnairian Onions.

That means for every level you need one Thavnairian Onion, so a complete of 10 Onions to succeed in rank 20. To acquire Nymeia Lillies, crossbreed Alomods with Mandrakes. For the Curiel Root, crossbreed Krakka with Mirror Apple. Hit the L2 button to bring up your items menu, and click on left or proper on the d-pad to tab over to the Chocobo menu. Select the Call Chocobo choice you can press ____ to decrease the indent level. right here, and your Chocobo will come running to you in no time in any respect. Communicating Your Intention Miscommunication is frequent, and you’re going to expertise it at some point in your life.

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