There are a couple of other inventive methods to prank your friends and sending them to spam text messages is likely one of many few you want to learn about. While sending the entire Bee Movie script is funny, you would possibly need to text bomb your mates with something else. Luckily, you can easily edit the Shortcut to say anything you want. Start by opening the Shortcuts app, then tap on the three dots within the top-right of the Bee Movie Spam shortcut to view extra details.

To spam message shortcuts, search shortcuts on your phone then open a brand new shortcut then search repeat and click on repeat. Type the number of instances you wish to send messages, add the recipient number your account isn’t ready for google voice yet, and type the message. To change the script of a text message, go to “Text” and choose a model new one. To generate a brand new sentence, add a interval at the end of each phrase.

Again, this shortcut solely works when you are drafting an e-mail. In an identical vein to the earlier shortcut, this one opens a response e-mail. However, it’s going to solely immediately reply to the one who sent you the unique message (not different Cc’d or Bcc’d recipients).

But if you understand the recipient you can troll them. Hop on this article to know simple steps on How To Send Spam Text Messages Shortcut. This shortcut is useful for anybody who receives fixed updates on an e-mail chain.

1) Get the Mass Message iOS shortcut utilizing this hyperlink. If you aren’t on iOS 15 or later but the older iOS 14 or earlier, be positive to allow untrusted shortcuts earlier than tapping the shortcut link. Technical pranks are no doubt probably the greatest methods to make a fool out of your friends and family. But, there is not a need so that you just can do the identical two pranks like freezing the phone’s display or changing the lock screen to 1 with a cracked show. I will attempt to implement this myself and see how it works.

This nifty shortcut opens a new e-mail in your screen, similar to the + Compose button. It’s excellent for rushing up your daily emailing. However, don’t press C once more in case your email doesn’t load straight away, or you’ll open one more new e mail window. If the email is not a subscription, you won’t see this message and the e-mail might be reported as spam immediately. You do, nevertheless, have a brief second to Undo the motion utilizing the button on the bottom left earlier than it vanishes.

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