Maya complains to Sahil about Indravadan pouring milk over Roshesh’s head for studying out a romantic poem on cauliflower. Indravan pokes enjoyable on Roshesh’s poetry, when Maya and Sahil defend him. Maya challenges Indravadan that Roshesh will win the poetry contest on the Art and Poetry Club Annual function.

One day, Maya Sarabhai loses her memory, and all of a sudden, Monisha becomes her favorite member of the family. How will he cope with his Momma’s indifference and also her “middle-classiyat”? It is hilarious to observe Maya Sarabhai getting into the skin of Monisha. How can someone’s funeral leave you in splits? His last want was Maya should sing at his funeral. But she loses her voice because of the meals cooked by Monisha and guess who sings at the funeral in her place, Indravardhan and Rosesh!

He additionally performed the recurring character of Dushyant within the collection. Maya and Indravadhan’s second baby, Sonya, is a psychic, married to a technician Dushyant, who irritates the household by explaining every thing about machines. This is later revealed to be a prank staged by Ramesh Shirke, from Rosesh’s theatre company, as a shock for their wedding ceremony anniversary. Monisha’s uncle Jaspal dies leaving behind costly work and antiques for Monisha. Maya is outraged and tells Monisha to utilize the money by giving it to charity and never losing it on discount sales. If Monisha donates all the money and work she obtained from her uncle, Maya will donate 5 lakhs.

They put their theories to check on Indravadan and Sahil, respectively, and Maya proves to be the winner of the problem. Shrimaan Shrimati was a sitcom based on the day by day dealings of two neighbouring households, where the “Love thy neighbour” theme was at play. It included a hilarious sequence of occasions phobia of strawberries in a show that aired for 5 years on Doordarshan. It included some outstanding actors like Archana Puran Singh, Rakesh Bedi, Jatin Kanakia, and Reema Lagoo amongst others.

Indravadan eats paani puri after which will get Diarrhoea. Finally the match is postponed, which enables Indravadan to go to the match. When Monisha claims that she has received the guess, Maya refuses to merely accept it. Maya challenges him that Rosesh will win the poetry contest at the Art and Poetry Club Annual function, which is to be judged by Anirudh aka Kachcha Kela.

The household pays the ransom of Rs 25 lakh and Rosesh says he has gifted this amount to the abductors. Maya goes to the extent of faking most cancers to make Sahil cancel his journey to Delhi with Monisha. Maya wants to present them a home but is made conscious that things usually are not in order as far as possession is anxious.

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