Its hydrophilic properties ensure full absorption of solvents and fluids, guaranteeing both minimal wastage when used as an applicator and for wicking, this will take up as much as 15 to twenty times of its weight in fluids. Our portfolio of froth wound care dressings consists of trilaminate foam, bilaminate foam, silicone foam and silicone wound contact layer merchandise that present excessive absorption, low wound adherence and safety. We are additionally in a position to present antimicrobial foams, and provide foam rollstock.

The purpose of this research is the event of a hemostatic antimicrobial hydrophilic foam bandage capable of reducing the bacterial bioburden, blood product requirements and facilitate the definitive surgical intervention to close the wound. The antimicrobial and biocompatibility exams are presently being evaluated and it’s anticipated that clinical testing will begin in January of 2009. DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS Polyurethane foam suitable for making ready the sponges of this invention may be either the polyester or the polyether sort. Springfeel’s Hydrophilic polyurethane foam with its glorious fluid dealing with characteristics is good flexible foam for a broad range of applications throughout many industries. It has varied properties such as environment friendly absorbency, durability and strength which make the product an excellent selection as an applicator, wicking pad and sponges.

IndustriesHealthcareWe offer our clients entry to a superior vary of medical grade supplies for the varied purposes discovered within the healthcare market. Our dedication to high quality, demonstrated by our ISO registration, FDA registration and ISO Class 7 Clean Room capability means our customers are confident in the superior quality we can achieve for their medical merchandise. The fourth category includes polyurethane foam having an exterior surface coating of a detergent or disinfectant. No. three,283,357 during which the polyurethane foam contains a considerably impermeable outer layer of a germicide-detergent combination which foams upon wetting. Although the inner pores of the sponge are unfilled, access to those pores is blocked by the continuous impermeable floor layer. Our trilaminate foam wound care dressings use polyurethane foam to create the microporous hydrophilic foam structure.

On the other hand, the sponge retains sufficient porosity to serve as a reservoir for blood and other free flowing fluids inside the physique cavity which could otherwise cascade into the operating subject to obscure it. No. 3,098,048 describes an identical procedure for getting ready a’sponge containing an ethylene oxide content material of 30 to percent. Unfortunately, this sponge jfoams when wetted to release surfactant over lengthy durations’of time; clearly, such a sponge would be unsuitable for medical use, especially inside a bodycavity. These water-absorbent foams are perfect for a variety of medical functions. Our in-house engineering staff and superior technical capabilities imply that our range of hydrophilic foam merchandise is second to none.

Customising your foam offers a variety of benefits, together with cost financial savings and enhanced product design. Whatever your wants, we’ve the experience and capabilities to supply a whole answer, from design and prototyping to full production and automated meeting. Any knowledge supplied emia definition medical relates to values sometimes generated when measuring these materials, and is obtainable as a guide to materials selection. However it isn’t guaranteed and the user is liable for evaluating the suitability of a product for the applying it is meant for.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION This invention pertains to novel hydrophilic polyurethane sponges that are notably appropriate to be used as medical sponges. More significantly, this invention relates to a versatile hydrophilic polyurethane foam whose surfaces are nonabrasive in the path of exposed internal physique organs and which contains no much less than one zone of pores extending inwardly from a surface of the sponge. The sponge is rendered hydrophilic by a skinny coating on the internal surfaces of the pores of no less than one surfactant which is a nonflowable liquid at room temperature. It is essential that considerably all the inside pore surfaces be coated with surfactant to insure uniformity of fluid absorption throughout the complete zone of pores. Baymedix® polyurethanes are advanced raw supplies for wound care and other wearable functions.

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