Mike and the household canine hold disappearing at night time and Jean becomes suspicious. Mike prepares for the transition from high school to college and the thought of joining a fraternity is one that complicates his life. 7124Steve’s boss and his wife rely on the Douglas household to assist them take care of their rebellious teen-aged son, Gordon (one of Ernie’s classmates) after they think that the boy has fallen into drug use. 6532The household has returned from London and since then Steve has been appearing depressed.

Chip goes to see Mr. Williams only to have him accusingly flaunt a private detective’s report. Realizing that Polly’s personal father had employed a person to trail them, he storms out before asking for her hand. A bearded man of thriller confounds the Douglas family and the authorities alike, whereas can you sell your home after refinancing Steve is engaged on a high precedence project at house. Barbara is jealous when a glamorous special secretary enters the lives of both Steve and his son, Robbie, and causes a double domestic crisis.

Hoping to prove the pc incorrect, Mike decides he may have Steve fill out a questionaire for his dad and his mother. His reasoning is that they may submit the two varieties and the computer will choose someone else for his or her good match, thereby proving to Sally how incorrect the pc could be. Steve is occurring a enterprise journey to Japan and thinks he may as nicely take his household together with him. Mike gets involved in a brand new romance with one other lovely lady named Kimiko and abruptly he forgets his girlfriend back house. Rob is laid off from work, however decides to maneuver with Katie and the boys to San Francisco to simply accept a job at one other company.

Robbie is crushed when he learns that Denise DuBois, a French change pupil that Robbie had hoped to marry, has accepted his good friend’s proposal of marriage the night time before. Robbie has a beautiful time going steady with two ladies concurrently — a high schooler and a university co-ed — till the 2 girls evaluate notes one day and plot immediate revenge. The Douglas household bravely accepts the problem when 13-year-old Chip decides to offer a celebration — with ladies. While Steve is away on a business journey, the household dog walks into the home with a dynamite stick that survived World War II.

Chip feels left out of issues when he’s the only member of the household not working both full or half time. But watching ‘Davy Crockett’ and dreaming offers him a outstanding resolution to his downside – he takes in a partner in his trapping business. When their best associates’ marriage heads for the rocks, Mike and Sally pause for a second thought of their forthcoming wedding ceremony. Mike and Sally try to reconcile them by arranging visits to a marriage counsellor. Anxious to get married, however unable to afford an condo, Mike suggests that he and his fiancee Sally move in with him and his household. Bub has to continuously change plans for a shower for Sally and Mike when she and Mike keep altering their future wedding plans.

When Mike and Jean attend a celebration as potential applicants, he later finds out the they have been dropped from the waiting list and abruptly the chilly warfare turns fairly scorching. Thanksgiving Day’s turkey dinner is threatened when the electricity is short-circuited throughout the neighborhood. Chip decides to deliver alongside his Indian pal as his sole visitor much to the annoyance of his brothers who say he’s a bum who lives near the railway tracks in a rundown old shack. Steve’s concept that ‘life is just a small collection of changes’ is put to the check in just in the future’s found doings. Steve should meet with a high Air Force General to debate plans for a rocket design, and in the course of, he must borrow Mike’s automotive, however gets a flat tire and must take the bus home. A Missile launch, sleeping in and Daylight Saving make for an fascinating Monday morning.

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