Sahil tells SSO to separate from Mannat as she will reside her life and marry another person. Sahil says that he has some best divorce attorneys and that he’ll make arrangement to meet him. Meanwhile in the Oberoi home Dinky keeps on brainwashing Anika and Gauri. She Keeps On telling them that their husbands are having fun in Goa and that’s they forgot to name. Anika very politely tell Dinky that their husbands are not like the other males and they’ll never cheat on their wives.

Pinky objects Kamini for brazenly flirting along with her husband. He shouts at Daksh for clicking photos of Anika. Shivaay warns Daksh to avoid Anika. Daksh threatens Shivaay to reveal Priyanka’s pregnancy. Daksh tells Shivaay that Anika and Shivaay’s relation is his subsequent target and challenges him that he will separate them.

Shivaay tells them that he is going to resolve a unique card. Daksh enters the home and asks him if he’s in search of one thing and arms him an envelope. It has the picture of Priyanka with a baby. On the opposite hand, Shivaay gets into an argument with Pinky over the pooja problem.

For breaking news and live information updates, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Read more on Latest Entertainment News on Before the pre-wedding rituals, Daksh follows Anika and tries to scare her. Daksh harasses Anika and tells her that he will destroy Anika and Shivaay’s relationship. Anika gets a flashback of Shivaay and gets some braveness to talk to Daksh. Anika challenges Daksh that he couldn’t do anything as they belief one another and their bond may be very sturdy and leaves.

Hearing this from Anika, Mahi gets the shock of his life. Shivaay is questioned about Anika on the press convention which makes him furious. Pinky is pleased to see Shivaay get uncomfortable through adding apis india the press meet. Next morning, Shivaay provides them an thought of having one more perform in the house to distract Svetlana.

Sahil comes and asks why is Mannat upset. Seeing this Khanna ask her what is she doing and tells that he will take the other salad for SSO. Mannat follows Khanna and once more seeing Alisha dancing with SSO gets irritated and tells her that SSO just isn’t well so he has to take some relaxation and eat his salads. Mannat tells him to be away from Alisha sort girls. Shivaay is also in the corridor, he gets a message from Daksh. Daksh has sent Anika’s picture while she was sleeping.

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