Om, nevertheless, also tries his hand at performing the duty but fails in the process. At the same time, Nitibha questions Bani for sharing a cordial relationship with Priyanka even after she abused Lopa. Bani states that she is being a hypocrite by not speaking to Om and being associates with Priyanka, but both of them are blameworthy. Bigg Boss 10 25thDecember 2016 .Bigg Boss Season 10 25thDecember 2016 watch on-line Live, Watch OnlineBigg Boss 10 25thDecember … Bani J is identified as in the ‘katgarha’ and is accused of being the ‘walk out queen’. Bani defends herself by saying that she walks out as a outcome of she doesn’t need to get agitated more than she is.

The fight gets uglier and the entire house turns towards Om and Priyanka apart from Bani and Gaurav, who stay unaffected and proceed with the task. The rest rise up for Manu, who says that he would possibly simply hit somebody and also threatens to leave the show. Lopa intervenes and tells him that he can not take so many eggs and Om retaliates saying that if Bani can eat so many eggs, why can’t he?

The newest episode of COLORS TV Drama Kasam is updated on 29th December 2016. As the day progresses, Bigg Boss resumes the ‘Family App’ task and the first contestant to grace the app room is Manveer. He is given a quantity of options to meet his father, get a written message from him or to speak to him over a name. Manveer chooses the option to meet his father for 10 minutes and runs in direction of the garden area. When his father enters the home, a sudden rush of emotion strikes Manveer and he bursts into tears and provides him a tight hug. He introduces him to the housemates and spends some high quality time with him.

In the night, Bigg Boss calls Bani in the confession room and provides her the option to meet her greatest good friend and season seven winner Gauahar Khan. But with only six per cent battery remaining, the options appear irrelevant to her. When Bani tells about it to Manu and Om, it puts them in a repair and they focus on whether or not to take the danger or not. As of now they aren’t willing to make any sacrifice they usually announce that it wasn’t possible for them to nominate themselves leaving Bani disenchanted. But there could possibly be a twist in the tale as the promo means that Bani did get to satisfy Gauahar. Looking dejected, Bani is seen going to the Bigg Boss gate and banging on the door whereas calling out for Gauahar.

Where, Rahul says that Bani is feeling unhealthy because she didnt want to remove Nitibha but she needed to. Bigg Boss Season10 20th December 2016 Watch OnlineEpisode HD … It is amongst the most tremendous hit popular IndianTV reveals in thefull historical past of India. Thelatest episode ofColors DramaBigg Boss Season10 is updated …

Swami Om convinces Priyanka Jagga, who is a captain now, to switch his bed to a king sized one. Priyanka makes certain that the contestants change beds in accordance with Swami’s comfort. He asks where is Jason, and Gaurav Chopra replies that he is out of the home as a end result of acidity. Salman sarcastically asks Swami that he is doing very nicely on the show. He asks him to inform what occurred in the home in type of breaking news. Swami mocks Sahil Anand, and eventually says that he is the next massive entertainer after Salman Khan on the earth and that he’ll win the present.

Video watch online Day 69Bigg Boss 1024th December 2016 today latest new full Episode 70 of Colors Tv … As the love letter task resumes, it so happens that Priyanka Jagga reads out loud what Manu wrote for Mona Lisa in the letter. She begins teasing Mona Lisa but Mona gets uncomfortable along with her comments. But after spending some quiet days inside the home pros and cons of montana, Priyanka is back being her evil self. But even earlier than the contestants may start afresh, a battle breaks between Manu and Priyanka after the latter says one thing unsavoury about his and Mona’s equation. He stands next to Bani J, who is making breakfast for herself.

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