Selecting OFF will flip the unit OFF at the programmed time. Selecting ON will turn the unit ON at the programmed time. Days of the week are numbered 1-7 with the week starting on Monday. Once installed, comply with the on screen programming instructions.

Did we get a lemmon or do other folks on the market have problems with these things? If it keeps this up for the following 17 years or so we plan to have this truck, I might be really busy. Keeping a watch on the gasoline system is crucial, as improperly dealt with gas is a key consider diesel engine points. Fuel contamination can occur when moisture or debris is allowed to enter the system. Ensure that the cap is always tightly secured and the filling area is clear. Furthermore, always account for a way a lot diesel gas is in the tank.

If required, join an earth ground to the electrical ground connection on the control panel. Insert security pin into mast hole and safe with hairpin . Rotate every jack handle clockwise to start leveling the unit, referencing spirit degree . Adjust all 4 jacks by rotating their handles clockwise until the bottom of the unit no longer touches the ground. The unit is equipped with lifting eye and forklift pockets for lifting the unit on and off a transporting automobile.

This video is dedicated to providing you an overview of the sunshine tower’s essential parts. You’ll also discover a useful operational video and product diagram at Check the mast coil wire, mast junction field and mast mild connections.

Always remain aware of the place of different people around you when lifting the gear. A unit in want of repair or scheduled upkeep. Hot surfaces might ignite combustibles, resulting in hearth. Fire may result in demise or critical damage.

Always disconnect all electrical hundreds earlier than beginning the tools. When raise or hoist equipment is used to raise the gear and move it to place, watch out to not contact overhead wires or other obstacles. Be sure carry or hoist equipment has appropriate tires for the terrain to keep away from becoming stuck or tipping over. The lift slots are designed for use with a forklift.

We have a four lamp, 6000 watt Wil-Burt gentle tower put in on our 1997 rescue. It has had a fried lower circuit board which prevented all four lights from working about 6 months ago. (Haven’t had time to troubleshoot the most ai heyday 48mdeppengeekwire recent downside yet). This factor has been within the air in all probability less than 50 times since new. Works like a champ when it isn’t broken down.

If your lamp heads seem unfastened, or the heads fail to return house in the auto-park sequence, you may have to tighten your backlight belt. This Technical Video supplies step-by-step directions. The Mercury sensor controls the tower’s down-limit, which keeps the tower from crashing into itself or the light tower tub as it auto-parks. If you wish to adjust this restrict or troubleshoot this auto-park function, this step-by-step video reveals technicians the way to regulate this sensor. This Technical Video offers an overview of the tower/controller wiring, including the wiring’s shade designations, along with the wires’ function and voltage.

If you’re utilizing the cellular gentle towers as portable area lights for illuminating the bottom for matches or tournaments, refueling could be difficult. If your generator starts working but falters whereas working, a few different points might be the culprit. Fouled spark plugs in pure gas generators, for example, can forestall the machine from producing enough energy to maintain running. You should change your generator’s spark plugs afterevery a hundred hours of useor if they’re worn or cracked. Failing spark plugs is mainly a standard concern with pure fuel mills, as diesel generators wouldn’t have spark plugs.

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