takuache (from the French taku, meaning ‘to lick’) is a Japanese expression for “to touch”, with the implication of “to want” or “desire”.

“Takuache” literally translates to “lick my ass.” You may be wondering what that has in common with our own words. It’s basically a way to say “get ready to get your ass kicked.

Takuache’s title would probably be: “The new Takuache.”I think you might get a real feel for the game, but it’s not clear exactly how you would be able to do it. While the game has a few pretty good endings, it has a couple of interesting endings.

The game is one of those games where the game mechanics are all over the place but the actual gameplay is pretty consistent. Essentially, you are a cyborg who can control a sword and shield and has special powers. Basically, the game is about being a cyborg in a way that is pretty cool. Takuache offers one of the most interesting, yet most difficult endings in the game.

Not only that, but you can create a virtual body through the use of your own hands. While in the game, you can control a weapon, armor, and other weapons. Once you’ve had a battle, you can use your hands to create your body and then use them to shoot back. The game takes a long time to get going as you start to gain more and more power. The game even has a little bit of a special bonus feature.

It is, in fact, absolutely amazing. The idea of being able to create a virtual body from your hands is one I can’t wait to play more of. Another cool feature is the ability to combine your body with an armor set to make a deadly weapon.

You can use your right hand as the trigger point for your weapon. This is a great trick to get the weapons you need, and it makes you a lot stronger.

The reason I’m giving you the opportunity to play an actual game, is because you’re going to do a lot of things in this game when you’re not playing the game.The main thing I’m doing is to take a lot of time to learn how to use the weapons I’m using, and the weapons that the game uses to get a weapon are the ones that keep the game down for me.

A fun and cool thing to do in this game is to get the game to give you the option of getting a weapon. This, to me, is a huge thing. As you progress through the game, you will be able to get your hands on more weapons that are much better than what you can get from the game.

The game’s main weapon, an axe, is the most powerful weapon in the game. The other weapons are all less powerful, but a quick look at the game’s weapons shows that there are plenty of ways to make your weapons powerful. The only two weapons that aren’t mentioned in the game’s main weapon are a bow and a crossbow. The bow is the most powerful of the bunch and is used in the game to knock down and damage the enemy.



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