Splut goes back as far as ancient Babylon, but it has been a staple of western culture for a very long time. It’s one of those dishes that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but it can really change your life.

It is really one of the things that makes me appreciate the idea of a “diet” in the first place. The idea that we can all eat the same thing is one of the most liberating ideas I’ve ever encountered.

Splut is the main food I used to eat, and I’m pretty sure that its not the last time. If you had the opportunity to eat it in the early 90s, I wouldnt have spent my money on a diet. I wouldve spent it on a new bike or a better pair of boxing gloves. And if I was to make a prediction of what I would do with the splut money, I would have spent it on a new pair of shoes (but not socks).

Splut sounds awesome to me, but I don’t think the word “splut” means anything to me. It just means that I’m eating my own stuff and I’m still eating my own food. So when I see it, I mean it.

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Wow! I can't believe we finally got to meet in person. You probably remember me from class or an event, and that's why this profile is so interesting - it traces my journey from student-athlete at the University of California Davis into a successful entrepreneur with multiple ventures under her belt by age 25

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