lakers vs rockets

For the last few years, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the Lakers and the Rocket. Two of the most iconic teams in the NBA, but two of the most frustrating. For me, watching them battle against each other, I think I can identify with the Rocket, just as I can identify with the Lakers.

As a rule of thumb, my favorite team is the Bulls, which has arguably been the most hated team in the NBA. Their defense has been so bad that they’ve been forced to take the next step in the NBA. It’s hard to be on the team you hate the most for the first three weeks of the season, but I’ve seen teams get beat by their opponents so I’ve learned more about the team I hate.

The Rockets are a favorite of mine too, but their defense has a long way to go before they can contend with their “other” team, the Lakers. The Lakers have been the least dominant team in the NBA for the last decade, but theyve shown a propensity to win games they should have lost the year before. I think the Rockets will make a comeback, but they need more support if they want to be a serious threat.

There’s a lot to like about the Rockets, but the Lakers are the team to beat. While the Rockets’ defense is a step in the right direction, the Lakers’ offense is still a mess. The Rockets’ offense is built around their 3-point line and a variety of ball-handling skills. The Lakers’ offense is built around Kobe and Shaq.

While the Rockets are clearly the better team, the Lakers are not just any team. They are arguably the most dominant team in basketball, but they lack the ability to defend against their own defense and they are only getting better in this department. On the other hand, the Rockets are only going to get better. A team that can go to the 3-point line is going to be a threat in any game.

Rockets are a team that is built around two great players, as well as a bunch of guys who are so good they’re not even going to need to score a lot of points to be successful. The Rockets have a few nice guys on the roster, but their best player, Russell Westbrook, is a bit of a disaster. For instance, he’s a terrible shooter. His scoring output isn’t great, but he has the ability to change a game as a game progresses.

Westbrook is a great shooter, but he’s not the most effective shooter on the floor. His shooting isnt great, but he has a good post game that allows him to get into the lane for shots to score. When youre a top player, you get better at certain things and these things are usually important. But as a shooter, you can get better at a few things and that’s why youre so good.

The difference between a good shooter and a great shooter is that a great shooter can change a game. Westbrooks game isnt great, but he can change a game as a game progresses. With the help of a few mechanics and his killer shot, Westbrook is able to change a game and get better at it. In some ways, Westbrooks game isnt much more than the average game of basketball, but with Westbrooks team of shooters it can be a game that’s really special to watch.

If you have a team of shooters, the same applies to your team of players. They can shoot the same things, but they have different weapons, and they can make different decisions based on the team’s style. If you use a sniper, you can shoot a rifle as much as you like, but if you use a rocket, you still have rocket launchers. You can use a sniper to shoot a gun, but you can also shoot a rocket because you know it’s a rocket.

The reason I’m writing this in this article is because I’ve got some more information on the game of shooting for my iPhone.


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