Well, you know, they’re good words.

And its not like you need to be a writer to use them, so the best ones are actually the best.

Well, word choices are, well, a bit of a subjective thing. For example, I think words like “mystery” and “mystery thriller” are probably not the best words to choose to end a paragraph on, but I suppose it depends on what you’re writing. I’ve found that a mystery or mystery thriller really depends on your POV. My POV might be to write about you.

I suppose we can all agree that a mystery or mystery thriller requires a different POV than a regular paragraph. The difference for me is that it requires me to be there, I dont have to be a writer, and its not necessarily like I have to be a protagonist. The difference could be that I have to be the detective or, at the very least, the suspect.

The difference is that I would have to be the protagonist in my mystery, and that I am the detective. I would have to have a reason to be around you. I would have to find a connection. I would have to be interested in you. You would have to ask me to help you.

I always get the feeling that I’m supposed to put myself in your shoes. Maybe that’s why I get so obsessed with my own stories.

The only thing that is really wrong with my stories is, if you have never read my books, you probably have a very good idea of what happens. The only thing that is really wrong is, when I wrote them, I had no idea how to tell a story. In a way, that is what makes them so fascinating. I have no idea how to write fiction.

So if you do have a copy of any of my novels, I am afraid I have less than no hope of helping you.

You see, I had no idea how to write a story. What makes them so fascinating is that I have created a narrative that involves events that happened to me but never happened to me and yet they are very real events that happen to a lot of people. It helps me to feel like I am reliving them.

The problem is that the stories I have told are very specific and very private in nature. I have not given any examples of how to write a story but I have given a few examples of what I have seen go wrong with other authors. It’s not that I am a bad writer. It’s that I am too private about it. I have told stories that have never been published and have never been published anywhere else and that makes them feel special and interesting to me.

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