No one.

No one because there is no liability. There is no way that anyone can be liable if he or she doesn’t own the property that’s the subject of the action.

There are some exceptions, but this rules out the majority of the other options. The owner of the property is liable if something happens on the property, so if an innocent person happens to own a house, the law will allow them to be sued if something happens to the house. This is the same as if that piece of property were an aircraft, the owner can be held responsible if something happens with the aircraft. If the aircraft crashes into a house, the owner of the house can be sued.

This rule does not apply to watercraft, such as sailboats or water skiers. If you own a sailboat or water skier, you do not need to worry about having the safety of someone else’s life on your property. This is because your boat or skier is not a person, nor does it have the same rights as a person. On the other hand, if you own a house, you are liable if something happens to that house.

If you own a house, you have a right to a number of properties that are owned by the owner of the house. The number of properties owned by the owner of a house may be greater than the number of houses. This is true of all houses, but it is not true of watercraft. The property owners are not liable if something happens to a house in the water.

Watercraft are classified as boats (even though they do have wheels), and the property owners are liable for their boat’s destruction, even if the boat is destroyed in the water.

The number of property owners in a house can differ and can be much larger than the number of house owners. In this case it’s the number of property owners that are liable for the damage to a house.

When you’re on an island, there are a number of things that could make you a victim. For example, in the case of a boat, the boat will be owned by you and not the owner and your property. If the boat is owned by a single person, the owner of that boat is liable for the damage done to the boat.

If you own a boat you can be liable for damage caused by its owners.

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