The economy is in shambles and the government is in shambles.

The economy is in shambles.

The economy is in shambles because the government is running itself into the ground. Now what is shambles? Well, the government, as the owners of the currency, has to pay the bills. But that means that the government is spending money that it didn’t have to pay for. I’m paraphrasing here, but you get the idea.

The economy is no shamble. As long as the government is spending it, it’s not shamble. It’s not shamble. It’s a shamble. A shamble can be a short term emergency where you’ve done something or just want to go to work, but you can’t be shambled.

So how does this help us? Well, it means that the government cant afford to spend. This is true, but it doesnt mean that it has to continue to spend. It can be replaced with private investment. And this is the part that is really making us stop and think.

I have been trying to figure out what the reason is for why the government can be spending it’s money and the government has to continue to spend. This is why the concept of the economy as a shamble was put forth by the Tea Party. Well, my answer to the question is that if the government is spending money, you can be sure that the government has to continue to spend it. Because if it cant, it will be used up.

That’s not good enough. If the government wants to spend, the government will. That’s not good enough. I mean, that’s a bit like the notion of the money that you put out for education for the children of a poor country.

The government has the power to spend, and its power to spend money is a bit like putting money into a bank account that has a finite amount of money in it. But once you spend money, you cant spend it again. So why then would anyone want to invest in the economy? Because if they do, they will have a finite amount of money, and that finite amount will never be used up. But if they dont, then they will be spending their money.

But we do want our government to make wise investments so that they dont end up with debt, and we don’t want the government to have to bail people out when it happens. But if it does happen and they are made to pay for it, then it is not wise for them to invest that money in your country. It is a waste of money, and that is why it is so important that we have a government that can make prudent investments.

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