make sure their work is flawless.

The average office worker has the responsibility to make sure their work is flawless. As such, they are likely to be in a lean environment as well. However, most of the time, this is seen as the responsibility of the manager or supervisor instead. This can be a problem because managers tend to be in charge of the team’s performance and they tend to lack the authority to make sure the work they’re responsible for is flawless.

The key to running a lean environment is to keep the manager as close to the team as possible and make sure their authority is not too far away from the team. This allows for more autonomy by the manager to make sure the team is flawless.

I used to be a manager, but I’m not anymore. I don’t know if I’d be a better manager or a worse one because I did a lot of things wrong. I’m going to blame my boss for my bad management skills.

The difference between a good manager and a bad one is not whether they give the team good autonomy, but whether they give the team authority. The better the manager, the more authority the employee should have, but the worse the manager, the more autonomy the employee should have. An employee who is responsible for everything and is not allowed to make a few mistakes is not a good manager. An employee who is allowed to make mistakes but only has very limited authority is a bad manager.

The best way to get people to do what they should is for them to be the authority. How much authority should a manager have? Well, you can’t have a job where you don’t have any authority. You have to have authority over everything else. The greater the authority, the more autonomy you need. If you are a manager of a fast food restaurant, you may have no authority over the food or the customers.

The problem is a manager who has no authority over what is on the menu. The same situation is true when it comes to the customer. The manager who has no authority over the customer will be a bad manager.

If you are in a lean environment, you need to have some authority over the people you feed and the people you serve. That’s true even if you are a manager. If you have no authority over the people you feed, you will be a bad manager.

The problem is not the food. The problem is the manager who should be able to do the right thing, but does not. If the manager you have is a bad manager, it’s not the manager you need.

In a lean environment it’s not enough to just have a manager who does the right thing. Even if you have someone who does the right thing, its still not enough. This is an example of the problem. You need someone who has authority over the person you are feeding. And there is no one better than this person to be your manager. The problem is that you have no authority over the people you feed; you don’t even know what you are doing that you are feeding.

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