you have to be on point and speak clearly.

Your audience is also looking for your voice. They want to know you are credible and that you have something to say. If you don’t know how to use your voice to your audience, they won’t believe you.

I know. I work in the business of marketing. I spent a lot of time on Google because I wanted to know if my voice was really important. Many times I feel that I have to try to push my voice to the highest level to know that it is really important to the audience. But most people are too lazy to do that, and I think that it actually leads to a loss in credibility.

I think most people are lazy. I think that they are overly scared of using their voice, and so they are afraid it will get out of control and they won’t be able to control it. I think that many people get afraid of their voice because it’s a scary thing to them. They are afraid that they can’t control it, and they are afraid of being laughed at or laughed at themselves.

I think the problem is that most people are afraid of their voices, and so they are afraid of being laughed at or laughed at themselves. It’s a fear that is so ingrained in our minds that we actually become afraid of the idea of being laughed at.

To be scared of it? I think that is the problem; we are afraid of being laughed at. I say this because I have seen people do things that I thought were insane simply because they are scared of being laughed at. Sometimes when I play Dungeons & Dragons I play a character who is literally scared to death of people laughing at him. I have even played a character who is terrified of anyone laughing at him.

The problem with being afraid of being laughed at is that it breeds fear. Because we fear laughter we don’t take the risk of being laughed at, so instead we make ourselves laugh at the person, so that fear is the reason we laugh. If I can laugh at myself, I can laugh at anyone. And I think this is why we are afraid of being laughed at, because that person is not you.

The reason people laugh at you is not because you’re being funny, it’s because you are being funny. In this case, the reason we laugh at others is because we are doing it to ourselves. We are laughing at how ridiculous and ludicrous our own thoughts and behavior are. We laugh at ourselves for how ridiculous our behaviour is so that we can laugh at others.

You know this, but I want to make it clear. The reason we laugh at others is because we can’t help it. We’re afraid of ourselves. And that’s why we laugh. To avoid being laughed at, we have to stop ourselves from laughing at ourselves. And as such, you should be careful about laughing at yourself and others.

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