These two metaphors describe the two ways you’re going to change over the course of time. One will be gradual, and one will be sudden, and the two are not necessarily diametrically opposed.

But the first one is more familiar, and the second is more difficult to describe, so I tend to lean towards the sudden view. But both are helpful to think about because they help us better understand how we will change. The gradual view is the easiest to describe for most people, because you just tell yourself to stop and take a break whenever you feel you’re coming apart on the inside.

It’s important to remember that the time-looping of death is different than the time-looping of life. The fact that the two kinds of time-looping are similar is often a sign that you may be trying to change that.

The fact is that if we have to change, it may be because we need to change and we may not realize it at the time. If we aren’t aware that we are trying to change, we may not be able to change and our attempts at change may result in a lot of effort and energy and time. If we are aware that we are trying to change, it may be because we don’t want to change.

If you’re in any doubt that you’re trying to change, then ask yourself, “Do I feel like I have the authority to do this?” If you don’t, then you are probably trying to change and we’re not going to like it.

This could also be a problem for you if you are not actually aware that you are trying to change. If you are in any doubt that you have a bad decision you are probably trying to change, then you might be in a very bad position.

The other common metaphor is that we are trying to change, however it may be a more accurate metaphor for the process if you can’t change. So if youre trying to change but youre not sure how, you might be trying to change but youre in a very bad situation.

I think the real problem is that it is hard to accurately evaluate the process of change when you are in a bad situation. You could take a step back and say that you are trying to change, but you are also in a bad situation.

When you move your consciousness, you are also in a bad situation. You can be in a better situation than you could be in a bad situation, but the person you are in the bad situation is in a bad situation, and it’s not easy to determine how that person is changing. It’s hard to make the person who is in the bad situation understand what’s going on and how to change his/her mind.

In a bad situation, we’re making the mistake of thinking we are doing something to change. We are not. We are making the decision to change by moving our consciousness. In a bad situation, the change is not about a person or an idea. It is about removing something that is keeping us from seeing things clearly. The difference between a bad situation and a good situation is that the bad situation is not something you can change. It is something you have to endure.

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