the primary basis of our thinking and feelings.

What this means in practice is that emotions are a product of our experiences. When we experience something, we feel it. And the emotions are the way we react to that experience.

The theory is that emotions are caused by past experiences that have influenced our present ones. If we feel good, we’ll continue to feel good. If we feel bad, we’ll continue to feel bad. Emotions are thus the expression of actions done in the past. The action that causes feeling is the cause of feeling, which leads to action and so forth.

The James-Lange theory of emotions may seem like a weird idea, but it’s actually one of the most basic ideas about the human mind and how it works. It’s only a theory because it’s so basic, but it’s an extremely useful one, and the reason it’s so useful is that it’s so weird.

In contrast, what I often describe as a human mind is something that in its simplest form is described as the “mind-body” of an individual. It is the brain, or brain-like structure in which all the thoughts, emotions, and feelings are expressed in the same single way. It is the same brain structure, but distinct from the brain. The mind-body is the body. The mind is the mind, or body of the individual.

The thing that makes human life so interesting, is that the mind-body is just so complex. We have an amazing ability to communicate with each other (yes, we still can) and express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions through other behaviors, words, and gestures. But our minds are what makes us human. We are, on the whole, able to think about the infinite. Our innermost thoughts, feelings, and experiences are always stored somewhere.

We have always been able to access these memories in some way, but we’ve never been able to access them directly. Our minds are very good at storing these memories, but we have no ability to retrieve them. That’s why our minds are so complex, so we can easily access our innermost thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The mind is the most important part of our body, but we have yet to discover how it works.

Most people have some sort of emotion or another in their lives. But the problem is in order to access and retrieve these emotions, we need to have an emotional memory. If we don’t, we cant access them. This is because emotions are stored in our brain, and our brain is not equipped to retrieve these emotions directly. Thats why our emotions are always stored in our memories, but we cant retrieve them.

The james-lange theory theorizes that emotions are stored in our brain through memory.

The james-lange theory is a theory about the way emotions operate in our brain. Some people have said that you cant really access emotions directly because the brain is built from memory. The problem with this is that there is another theory called the “james-lange theory of emotions.” This theory says that emotions are stored in the same way that memories are stored.

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