Both are philosophies that have been around for ages, but that are often used interchangeably. Structuralism is more concerned with the structure of the structure. For example, houses are built on a foundation and are built in a certain way. Structuralists are concerned with the structure of the house itself.

Functionalism is concerned with the structure of the individual. A good example of a functionalist is Albert Einstein. Einstein, a self-proclaimed functionalist, was obsessed with his theory of relativity and his theory of relativity itself.

I don’t know if you found this, but you might be interested in hearing what Mark Henry is saying about this sort of thing.

We get a lot of questions about what makes a house a house. We tend to think of a house as a structure, albeit a very elaborate one. When it comes to houses, we tend to think of structures as things we can take apart and put back together. But the thing is that you can take a house apart and put it back together in a very complicated way.

To me, that’s where the difference between the two comes in. A house is a structure, like a piece of furniture. It is a set of objects that you can be proud of and that we can use as our own, but it is not something that we can change or alter as easily as a piece of furniture.

I think that we tend to think of houses as things, but that isn’t really how they work. Sure, they are things, but they are things that have a life of their own. Our houses are not things we can take apart and put back together in a very complicated way. They’re not a set of objects that we can use, change, or alter to our own needs in a quick-and-easy way.

If your house is a construction of bricks and mortar, then it is the product of a very complicated process. The whole point of a construction site is to get all of the bricks and mortar put back together without having to worry about the individual parts. It is not a building that we can alter or transform in our own way.

The design is not the same as it uses bricks and mortar. The difference is that in order for a building to be constructed in such a way, its design has to be something that is not completely out of our control. If we have a construction site that has a high level of stability, then it is not a building that we can control, but an object that we can control in a way that we can control with only a limited amount of force.

Structuralism is a style of architecture which aims to make the design of a building more stable so that it can last longer than a building that is created from the ground up to achieve a similar appearance. In short, structuralism is about creating a new type of building that is designed to be constructed in a way that maximizes the stability of the entire structure.

Functionalism is an architectural style that aims to make the design of a building more controllable by the occupants. The design of a building is designed to be more flexible and less precise.

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