If you’re a sports fan, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “sports pros”. It’s a catch-all term for those of us that spend thousands of dollars on a fantasy football team. For the rest of us, “sports pros” refers to people that play video games.

The question is: Do video games really have a place in the real world? In the real world, video games are very different from other forms of play. The fact that video games can be played anywhere (even in your bathroom) and are often considered a fun and social activity has led many to question if they should be considered a sport. Im not sure this is the case, however.

Video games have a place in our society and even in our culture. As long as they are played with a ball and not a stick, they can be considered a part of our culture. When you put a video game in your car and drive around for hours and hours, you’re not gaming. You’re just doing something to pass the time.

While I don’t think video games should be considered a sport, I do think there is some value in games as a social activity. Games are fun, and they are something that people enjoy playing. Video games can be enjoyable for all ages so I think it’s good that you can play your games for a good long time without having to worry about them being stolen or destroyed.

Although not everyone feels this way, there are a lot of gamers out there that enjoy video games and there are a lot of people who feel that video games are a legitimate form of entertainment, a legitimate form of social interaction. I think the biggest problem is that for too long video games have been treated as an industry, a business. It has been the equivalent of a video game company: a bunch of people working together to make money.

It’s a natural progression when you go from being an entrepreneur making video games to becoming a video game company to becoming a business. The difference is that video game companies have no skin in the game. They don’t need to worry about making money. They don’t have shareholders, they don’t have investors, they don’t have customers. There is no money to run a company. You just make games. You make games and move on. The game industry has no such rules.

Is it possible to build a full-time video game company without putting an entire company together? That’s how some people would get hired.

The video game industry isn’t really a business, yet that’s where most of our jobs are. A company like EA, or a small developer like Insomniac Games, would be considered a business but it isn’t because they don’t have any shareholders, investors, customers or employees. They all work independently, but they are all part of the same company. But it’s not really a company, its a business.

This is why we need to do something about this. Its not just video games that should be considered a sport. These video games are used by millions of people every single day, and they are very often paid for by a very small percentage of the population. And the games that people do are a part of our culture as well. It should be up to us as gamers to make that happen.

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