The people of northeast europe are known as the “northerners”. The name “northerners” is derived from the fact that the people of northeast europe speak a dialect of the same language. The dialect is called “northerner”. The dialect is also known as “norther”.

I am now a native northerner. So I have moved from the north to the northeast. The dialect is easy to understand for the northerner, but can be difficult to understand for the english speaker. One area of difficulty is the accent. The accent is similar to the accent in english from south to north.

The name northerners is derived from a word that means “to be”. It literally means “to be” in European language. The word “t” in english is not a term in the English speaking world, but it is a word that means “in the world” in the English speaking world.

One of the differences between northerners and english speakers is that in english there’s no word for a person who is from the North. In a nutshell, northerners are northern people who are northerners. A northerner is someone who has some familiarity with the northern part of the country and has been living there. For example, a young girl from the North may be called a northerner, though she may be fluent in a language she is not from the north.

Northerners often live near to places like Finland and Sweden. You’ll notice that there is a large amount of these people. If you are from the North, you are probably the same as the other northern people. If you are not from the North, you are a northern person, but you are not the same as the other northern people.

A northern person is the person that is fluent with the language that is not from the Norther. Most northerners dont speak the language that is spoken in the north. This is a generalization.

Northerners are people that live in the north of the country. There are about 600,000 northerners in the EU.

The other northern people are the ones who have been in the north for a while. They probably live in parts of the country. They probably speak the language not of this region. The northern people speak the language that is spoken in the north. Most northerners speak it in the north.

The name ‘Norther’ comes from the French word “nord”, the eastern part of France. The name ‘Nord’ is from the French word “nord-est”, which is also an eastern French word. The northern part of French is the part of the country in the north. The word “est” is French for “island”.

This is a region that has its roots in the French people living in the south. It is the eastern part of France, bordering the English-speaking countries. It has been inhabited by many different races over the years. The name is used as a region name by French. The name Nord is a contraction of the name of the northern part of France, which is the part of France that is north of the Alps, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean Sea.

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