The word mesiotiempo is a Latin word which means “three times a day”. It’s a pretty big deal, and it describes the time taken to get things done every day. One of the biggest things that Mesioteans do every single day is to get down to business. We set our intentions and our goals for the day and then execute them. This is usually in the morning, which starts with breakfast and then at lunch until the evening.

The Mesioteans use a very similar approach to our own. We think about what we’re going to do for the day ahead, then we execute it. This has been one of the most common ways that mesioteans get things done for months now.

As I’ve been writing about mesioteans for years now, I’ve always thought that mesioteans are the ultimate social animals. They have the ability to be spontaneous and in sync with others and to be extremely smart. They’re usually the leaders of the group, but the mesioteans who are left behind are the ones who are the true social animals. Without them, there is no mesiotean society.

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