Opportunity costs are the costs we incur when we make a decision. If we take the chance to make a more educated choice, we lose out on the opportunity cost.

This is one of those things I can’t speak to because I’m not a lawyer, but one of the things we’ve discovered over the years is that we have an increasing tendency to make decisions that cost more than we thought we would. For example, we’ve always been hesitant to get married (or have children), but now we have a lot of children and the decision to have children has suddenly become an important one to us.

Now if we get married, the law of increasing opportunity cost kicks in. We are now giving up the possibility of having children. Of course being a father is also a very important decision for us and there is a lot of pressure on us to be a good father, but at the same time we are beginning to realize that we really dont have a choice.

Yes! A major reason for having children is so that our children can help the world. That is why every parent wants to have children, but they also want to love their children and care for them. But now, it seems that we’re giving up the chance to have children. We no longer have the chance to love, care, and protect our children. So now, we have to make the decision to become a parent again.

The law of increasing opportunity costs states that we should have the opportunity to make the choice to be a good parent again. The only reason we have this choice to be a good parent again is because there is a chance we will never have more children. For example, many of the parents that we know have been raising their kids for 40 years. That means we have to choose to raise our children for 100 years.

Well, if we wait until we become 100 years old to make that choice, we have a 50% chance of not being a good parent again.

So the law of increasing opportunity costs states that parents should be more diligent about avoiding bad choices. For example, if we always choose to leave a bad child alone, we will eventually take a bad decision that will cost us a very small amount of our future. The same thing is true for parenting, which usually seems to involve making a lot of bad decisions.

I think this is part of why so many parents do terrible things. If you are a parent, you have a very limited number of years that you can do any given thing, like choosing to leave a bad child alone, or making a lot of bad decisions. If you are a parent who is constantly choosing to do bad things, then you are always regretting the choices you make. And this is the problem with parenting. You can’t make the choices yourself.

A lot of people don’t realize this, which is why I am so mad at parents who still buy into the “choosing your kids over your husband” idea. If you have children for any amount of time, you can’t be sure that they are going to do anything with that time. You have to make choices in your own life that you would never make with someone else. There are just no guarantees.

But then there is the law of increasing opportunity costs. Basically, if you can’t control your own life, you can’t control the life of your kids. The problem is that most people have a hard time applying it. This is why you hear stories like this from parents who are trying to raise children with strict religious or moral values.

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