I know what you’re thinking. Christmas is a global holiday. I know.

Christmas is, but its capitalization is still a fairly new thing in America. The holiday, as with most holidays, is a time of celebration, not a time for business.

Even the capitalized holiday is still a fairly new thing. In fact, the capitalization is a relatively new thing in America. When the colonists first set foot on America (and when the founding fathers of the United States first landed in Jamestown), the capitalization of the holiday was “Jem”. For many, it remains the easiest way to pronounce holiday. It’s also a relatively new thing in America.

But for those that don’t have to worry about the capitalization, it is still an American holiday. It was not until around 1820 the capitalization was adjusted to Jem.

The capitalization is a relatively new thing in America.

The new capitalization has existed in America for a long time, but the first time anyone ever capitalized a holiday was during the Revolutionary War. In 1876, Congress decided to change the holiday to America’s birthday. In 1877, the Constitution allowed Congress to change the capitalization to Jem.

The capitalization is not a holiday-specific thing. In fact, it is an American holiday. The capitalization is, however, a fairly modern thing. The Capital of America, a nation with its capital in Philadelphia, used to celebrate its birthday on the third Sunday in November.

This is because the Philadelphia region of America, which includes New York city, is historically important for America. It is where the United States Constitution was written, the country’s first laws were written, and the Declaration of Independence was signed. In the 1800s, Philadelphia was home to the largest city in the American colonies.

The capitalization is a way to emphasize that you’re in Philadelphia. It also helps the reader to clearly identify the place where the story is taking place.

As an author, I would like to see more capitalized and less hyphenated words. I think that one of the most important rules of writing is that you have to write in your own voice, so it should be as if there were no hyphens. And for the sake of this exercise, I will not be hyphenating words in your stories. This is not about making it a bad word, but rather trying to make it clear that you are writing in your own voice.

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