By the time we got to the fourth grade, we were all used to pictures that were more or less the same. The more we looked at pictures of our own bodies, the more we got familiar with them. If you have a lot of old pictures, you can go back a few years at least, and if you don’t, you can look back at them again.

It was because motion pictures were so popular that the art and aesthetics of the movies became valued as much as the actual content. If you’re a person with a high IQ or a lot of money, you can watch a hundred movies a day. But if you’re a poor, uneducated person who doesnt have anything, you cant watch a movie. The reason is because there are so many ways to make a movie that your brain doesnt need to know about.

I think we can find some examples of movie making styles from the 60s, 70s, and even 80s. Maybe the 80s, but not the 50s, 70s, or 80s. If youre a movie making person, you can watch a hundred movies a day, and you can probably make another hundred movies as well.

I think movies started out as just “a bunch of people having a discussion”, but you can see how soon movies became “a bunch of actors in a theatre talking about a bunch of people having a discussion.” And then a bunch of directors talking to each other.

Most of the movie making styles we know from that time period are a little too simplistic. Today, we have better ways of understanding the creative process. Just the fact that movie making was being done in a movie theatre in the 1960s should tell us that it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

I think it is important to distinguish between the two. Motion pictures were once much more popular. They were a way to get people in the cinema, so its not a big deal that they are now mostly just in people’s homes. The movie making that they are now are a more artistic way. But it took a long time for motion pictures to be considered worthy of serious study. The films were made by men who were trying to make a living.

For example, the very earliest motion picture studios were in Mexico. It was called the Televisión Mexicana in the 1920s and was founded to make sure that movies were a legitimate business. The studios were based in the state of Mexico and Mexico City. They were run by three men named Oscar Lujan, Eugenio Scerban, and Manuel Antonio Barragán. They used a lot of the very cheap tricks that were common in their day.

So, you could say that motion pictures were born around 1900, but they really weren’t popular until the 1930s and 1940s. In the pre-talkies era, silent films were a huge success. They were pretty cheap to make so they didn’t have to worry about finding a big studio to finance them. It wasn’t until the advent of talkies that these films became more expensive to make and more likely to get a decent theatrical release.

So, how come I can’t find a movie from the early ’30s? It’s because of a rule in the Motion Picture Production Code. It states that a film must have at least 50 minutes of actual dialogue for it to be considered a real motion picture. After we’ve passed this rule, we need to find a’real’ movie and see if it has any dialogue.

Motion pictures were long ago considered ‘low art’. I’m not talking about the art of the screen here, I’m talking about the nature of the medium itself.

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