A white-collar crime is any crime committed by someone who is employed in a high-paying, high-risk profession.

Well, this is a great news story because a lot of the people who commit white-collar crimes are actually white collar crimes. White-collar crimes can also include fraud, embezzlement, theft, racketeering, and any other form of illegal business that involves high-risk professions with high pay.

If you think that people who committed a white collar crime were white-collar criminals, you are probably wrong. The term is often used to refer to people who are not professionals but are nonetheless in high-risk professions. These people are not necessarily criminals, but they are often referred to as “white-collar criminals” because of the career they chose and the risks they took.

This is probably a good thing, since we’re all white-collar criminals because of the role they play in the criminal enterprise. When I was a kid I played a lot of roulette, and I was called in to find out if there was a white-collar crime that I was involved in.

White-collar criminals are almost always called ‘white-collar criminals’, because being a white-collar criminal in the job market means you can’t get a job at night, and you’re not expected to do that unless you are called in or in a specific place. The most common white-collar criminals are the gangsters who steal the money, hire thugs, and sell drugs. Their criminal cases also come from the gangster’s family, but white-collar criminals are not considered gangsters.

In some ways white-collar criminals are a bit like serial killers, or at least they try: If they dont kill the one they are following, they are more likely to kill the family members or associates of the person they are following. The best white-collar criminals are those who dont really get caught, or who dont get caught and who have a solid alibi, like they were at the bank with the money the time of the crime.

There are two types of white-collar crimes. The first is the “public corruption” or “public corruption” crimes, which are mostly committed by government officials, and they include bribery, embezzlement, extortion, and fraud. The second is the “white-collar crimes” or “business crimes” crimes which are committed by businesses or contractors.

This is because when it comes to business crimes, most crimes don’t require a lot of planning, they just happen. Business crimes are those that are committed by a number of small groups or firms that have a variety of goals in common, and sometimes one of those goals will involve stealing from another group or firm.

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