Double KeyCuff consists of two KeyCuff straps hooked up with a particular connector referred to as a Kuff Konnector. The newly designed connector has three holes in it to permit the officer most flexibility and ease of use. You can put a third KeyCuff via the middle hole if needed on your application. Zak Tool tactical key ring holder ZT52 Fits responsibility belts as much as 2¼” wide. Can be clippe..

If you have a pair of handcuffs, you want a handcuff holder on your obligation belt. Since handcuffs come in numerous styles and sizes, our selection of handcuff holders is just as diverse. You can discover handcuff holders in a variety of materials, styles, and sizes. For the utmost safety, Smith & Wesson Model 1850 Transport Restraints mix chrome steel leg irons to a pair of Model 1 common chain handcuffs.

TUFF-TIES are unaffected by publicity to sunlight and they remain versatile even within the coldest weather. Plastic cable ties have been recognized to deteriorate over time requiring periodic replacement of inventory. Rubber helps forestall the stress cracking widespread with nylon zip ties when uncovered to chilly, heat or folding / creasing. Superior shelf life is an added benefit with Cobra Cuffs because our special polymer method resists brittleness so properly.

Our handcuffs can be found in a selection of materials, together with stainless steel and carbon nitride building, to satisfy any officers’ wants. The blue steel end on the Smith & Wesson Blue Steel Finish Handcuffs deflects glare and hides scratches. The aluminum frame of the Asp Ultra Aluminum Chain Handcuffs is stronger and lighter. EASE OF CARRYING/CONCEALMENT- Plastic cable ties are usually carried within the hatband or looped over the officer’s belt.

ASP Tri-Fold restraints incorporate superior design and materials and are particularly well-liked with military and police speedy response teams. Tuff-Tie disposable restraints are very compact yet strong and efficient and could be saved for years. Key Cuff restraints are not disposable, they can be opened with a key and reused. We additionally spy microphone wifi sell a variety of restraint cutters for any necessities. Plastic handcuffs are mild and pliable, so you probably can carry dozens of plastic handcuffs on responsibility. Flexible restraints may be deployed shortly, normally just by sliding the locking mechanism.

Lightweight handcuffs help scale back the load an officer carries on their duty belt. More rigid nylon black handcuffs with sturdy hinges can be found for higher management over hyperactive detainees. They lock the wrists nearer together, totally eliminating all cell efforts to break free.

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