While summarizing is an often-used technique for writing and writing assignments, paraphrasing is a different beast. It is a way to get more out of your writing by turning your thoughts into a way to share your thoughts. It is a way to convey ideas in a way other than just writing them down. I was always amazed by these words of Jesus, “He who paraphrases takes the words of the writer and puts them into his own mouth.

There are many different ways to paraphrase, but the most common ones are like your friend writing the story of the film you’re watching, or taking a book and rewriting it to make it readable. You can also do it by taking the same story and turning it into a series of short stories, poems, or just a paragraph of text.

This isn’t a “trend” I’m talking about. I’m talking about a basic human ability that most of us have that we’re only beginning to understand. We take something written, and we transform it into something else, and then we put it back into the original form, and just keep repeating this process. The ability to do this is called “homework.” It’s a skill that every person in your life has.

For most people, it is easy to summarize something. It might just be something simple like “a group of people who have been kidnapped,” or something that is easy to remember like “a bunch of soldiers who have been captured.” You could also paraphrase something like “one of the kids in line was wearing a pink shirt and a blue hat”, which means “one of the kids in line was wearing a pink shirt and a blue hat.

Now that’s paraphrasing. If you’re the one person in your family or community who is always summarizing, you’re probably going to be a pretty good summary person. But if you’re a person who has a hard time taking a second to take in the full context of what was just communicated, you’re going to have a harder time taking in the full context of what was just communicated.

It’s true. We’re all terrible at this. When paraphrasing someone, it’s important to realize that the person who paraphrased is also the one who originally said what you just paraphrased. That’s why you can’t always count on being able to paraphrase someone.

It’s a good thing it has been said before that you know what youre in for when youre having trouble with the information. Not because you cant, but because you can. You may have a hard time, but it’s a good life.

Again, paraphrasing can be an effective strategy when used correctly, but there are times when paraphrasing is just a waste of time. Take the above example of your sister calling you. She did say what you were paraphrasing, but she also left out the part about drinking vodkas. In other words, she only paraphrased your description of the call so you would know it was a bad call.

If you’re paraphrasing, you’re not really summarizing anything. You are simply distilling your thoughts, your description of how you feel, in one sentence. If you’re summarizing, you’re paraphrasing a larger body of information.

the best thing to remember about paraphrasing is that it is a very specific way of presenting information. What youre summarizing is a long body of information that, while you may not be writing it down, you are still summarizing it in your own words. So think about it this way: if youre summarizing a recipe so you can present it to a friend, youre not really paraphrasing the recipe. You are simply distilling the long recipe into one sentence.

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