The groups of people that have the same goal; a command group.

Also, they are often referred to as command centers.

Command groups are a set of people that get together and collaborate with each other in order to accomplish something.

Command groups are the people that are most often responsible for the overall execution of a plan, whether that plan is good or bad. It’s the people that have to think about what the plan is and how to execute it. The best example of this is the idea of a command center for the US Air Force in the early 1960s. The command center was a meeting place for all the various military command leaders in the US.

The Command Center was where the various officers and generals would gather to coordinate their plans of action. Some of the people working on this concept were: General Lee Miller, General Douglas MacArthur, General Frank Miller, General John J. Pershing, and General John J.

The command center concept was very successful, in that it was able to establish a common approach between different commands. The idea was that the command center would act as a common location for discussion and to coordinate plan of action. It also established a much more effective way to coordinate military actions that were very different in nature.

The concept of a command center was created by General William T. Sherman. Sherman called the commander of any army “the command’, the command group was his term for the group of officers who worked together to produce a coordinated set of orders and plans that would give the overall command the ability to carry out whatever task was necessary.

The command group was created by a group of officers whose mission was to coordinate all the movements of the army in order to form the command. The command group is comprised of infantry, cavalry, and artillery units. The command group can also be used as a base to coordinate the work of the other officers in the command. The command group can make up a great many commands, and it’s a little like a command center.

The purpose of a command is to coordinate the actions of various units and units in a battle. Some of the more difficult commands are what is called a “command group”. It’s a command that can be coordinated by a number of different people. For example, if you have two people called T-1000’s and you need to coordinate an artillery attack on a certain location, it’s not easy.

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