If you’ve ever had a long weekend, you’ve probably seen this guy on Facebook posting pictures of his beautiful, long-distance relationship.

Well, you see, the longer you take to talk to someone, the more you lose the ability to feel anything, because you forget you are talking to someone, and your brain has shut down. And there are several parts to this, that’s why I say this is the most long-distance communicator of emotion of all time.

This is just one of the many things that have always struck me about this guy. He is so emotional, and yet so rational. I don’t know how many people are actually aware that they have a relationship, but I have two friends who are so emotionally expressive that they often talk to their partners about every last detail, even if they don’t like the way it makes them feel.

I don’t know what to say about this. Maybe I’m just a bit biased because I’m one of two people who have a boyfriend with a similar outlook. But he’s also one of the most empathetic, loving, and understanding people I’ve ever met. I can’t imagine a relationship that would be better for me.

Yes. I mean he’s a bit of a narcissist, but so are a lot of people. And the fact that he has a girlfriend who is as emotionally expressive as he is makes it a lot less likely that there will be a relationship that is better for him, and a lot more likely that it will be better for them as well.

I’m pretty sure that most of us would agree that a relationship based on emotional expression is the best kind of relationship. If you want a relationship with someone who loves you with all your flaws, that’s the best kind of relationship for you. And ekman has a girlfriend who is a lot more emotionally expressive than he is.

That said, it’s nice that Ekman has a girlfriend who is less emotionally expressive than he is. I mean, I am a terrible person.

I have to agree with Ekman. I am the worst person ever.

I don’t know what makes Ekman really “bad”. I mean, maybe he’s the worst person ever. Maybe he’s the one who is constantly having to lie to make himself feel better. Maybe he’s the one who always gets the girl. Maybe he’s the one that always gives the girl attention. Maybe he’s the one who is always telling everyone how great he is. Maybe he’s the one who is always telling everyone how great he is.

I mean I don’t know what makes Ekman so bad. But I do know that his personality just oozes out of the screen every now and then, making you feel bad for him. And the fact that he is a guy who is constantly being made fun of probably made him feel bad for himself.

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