Functios of Press Council of India

Press Council of India was established by the Parliament of India which was recommended by the first Press Commission in the year 1966. It is the self-regulatory watchdog of the press, for the press, and by the press.

Press Council

The main objective of this is to preserve the freedom of the press and maintaining and improving the standards of the press in India.

Functions of the Press Council of India

  • Helps the newspaper to maintain independence
  • Helps to promote technical and research areas to the news
  • Helps to provide proper training to new journalists
  • Helps to spread the news all over India
  • It promotes the supply of newspapers
  • Builds a code of conduct for newspapers, journalists, and news agenciesFunctions of Press Council
  • It defines and discharges professional standards for the print media in India.
  • To encourage the growth of sense of responsibility and public services in the profession of journalism
  • It helps to sustain democracy and to ensure freedom of speech is protected
  • To promote the establishment of common service for the supply and dissemination news to newspapers

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