Goal of Press Release

Press Release

Are you thinking about public relations strategy for your business?

Probably the answer is yes, as you have landed here.

For public relation strategy, you can mainly consider press releases. But not most of them will know about it.

Press release is a written communication which reports with brief information about event, circumstance, product launch, etc. It’s like organization that provides to media through many ways.

Press release doesn’t mean media will just run with it. They need some clarifications like whether it attract their readers, benefit for the company in any way, also other outlets that pick up your press release.

Goal of a Press Release

The main purpose of press release is to promote something more significant and clearly. Also it has few tips for press release. Beyond that, it’s a document with strict format and serves three marketing and promotional purposes:

To notify the media about something that happens in hope it will reach the world quicky

To share about your business in hope that reporter will see it in your press release and write an article about it,

To promote your business, appearance on internet via blogs, websites and social networks.


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